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iPad Video Downloader YouTube is very important especially at the time of trips and travel, especially when camping or moving to isolated areas where you do not have access to the Internet.

iPad video downloader youTube
You can avoid all these problems by using our website to download YouTube clips and keep them in your device, we advise you in advance to use the iPad Video Downloader YouTube page in order to get a better experience.

how to download youtube videos on ipad

iPad video downloader youtube

iPad users face a lot of complications daily due to the policies imposed by Apple, including their inability to install third-party applications such as vidmat and Snaptube to download YouTube or Facebook videos. The solution is there, you can use the iPad Video Downloader YouTube page to upload any video to the YouTube platform, even if it is short.

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The YouTube platform is the largest encyclopedia of videos, where more than 200,000 videos are uploaded daily to YouTube, in the last statistic the total number of videos reached more than 120 billion videos. Therefore, the iPad Video Downloader YouTube tool is very important, especially nowadays.

youtube video downloader for apple ipad

how to download youtube videos on ipad

You can download YouTube videos on iPad by following these steps:

  • Enter the YouTube app, select the video you want to download.
  • Click on the Share Video button.
  • Enter the iPad Video Downloader YouTube page, then click on the Paste Link button.
  • The last step is to press the download button and choose the appropriate quality.

how to download youtube videos on iPad 2

The method of downloading Instagram video in iPad 2 is no different from the rest of the devices, the same steps can be followed to download VK and Insta DP video

how to download youtube videos on ipad for free

All the services we provide through our website are completely free of charge and you do not need to pay any additional expenses.

can you download youtube videos on ipad

Of course, you can download a YouTube video on the iPad, and also download an Instagram video by using the Insta DP page on our site.

ipad video downloader youtube not working

This error appears “iPad Video Downloader YouTube is not working” due to several factors, including: placing a wrong link containing additional codes and codes, or because the Internet has stopped. This error can also appear if you do not have enough storage space.

How many times am I allowed to use iPad Video Downloader YouTube

You can use the iPad Video Downloader feature YouTube unlimited times.

What formats can download YouTube video for iPad

In fact, video-download-pro.com supports a huge range of video and audio formats such as MP4, MP3, 720p, 1080p, and even 4K, but in the end it depends on the quality of the original video on YouTube.

Is video-download-pro.com safe to use?

Yes, video-download-pro.com site is safe, as well as the iPad video downloader YouTube tool is safe. We take the subject of users’ privacy very seriously, we do not store any personal information. As we work around the clock to update and improve the site, you can review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies to learn more.

How long does it take to download YouTube iPad video

There are several factors that control the speed of downloading YouTube video for iPad, the most important of which are the network speed and the quality and duration of the video, the higher the quality and the greater the video duration, the longer the download time.

Do I need to sign in to use iPad Video Downloader YouTube

No you do not need to log in to your account in order to use iPad Video Downloader YouTube, the process is very simple Copy the video link and paste it inside the rectangle and press the download button.

Can I reuse YouTube videos?

YouTube usually allows reuse of all content that has a Creative Commons license. The rest of the content is not allowed and is considered unacceptable because it is contrary to copyright.

I want to download video audio only, is this possible?

Of course, you can download in high quality as well, you can download video audio only, you can select the appropriate format before downloading. For your information, audio clips such as music and singing are copyrighted content.

Is it possible to download a short YouTube video for iPad?

With the iPad Video Downloader tool YouTube you can download all kinds of videos in YouTube, you can also download playlists .

How to use Video Downloader Pro ?

Video Downloader Pro

Easy to use, unlimited and free Download videos from the most popular websites

Start using

Copy the Video URL

You can browse and find videos from various social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, 9GAG, and others. Once you find the desired video, you can copy its URL link.


Paste Video URL Into Video Downloader Pro

Open the video downloader pro , Paste the URL in the field above and click the Download button.


Download and Save The Video and Image

When using video downloader pro, you will be able to see all the available qualities. Simply select the ones you wish to download and save the video as an MP4 file or the audio as an MP3 file on your device.

YouTube Shorts Video Download Features

YouTube Shorts Video Download Features

List of top features

What are the supported sources in Video Downloader Pro?

These are the sources supported by Video Downloader Pro.

Download Videos from Multiple Sources

Video Downloader Pro offers you to download videos in multiple formats including MP4, MP3 from multiple sources which

Supported Websites

9GAG, Akıllı TV, Bandcamp, Bilibili, Bitchute, Blogger, BluTV, Buzzfeed, Capcut, Chingari, Dailymotion, Douyin, ESPN, Facebook, Febspot, Flickr, Ifunny, IMDB, Imgur, Instagram, Izlesene, Kwai, Likee, LinkedIn, Mashable, Mixcloud, MxTakatak, Ok.ru, Pinterest, PuhuTV, Reddit, Rumble, Share Chat, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Streamable, TED, Telegram, Threads, Tiktok, Tumblr, Twitch, Vimeo, VK, YouTube

Download Audios

You can download audio files if they are available.